Grand Fusion

Eco-Freindly daily use


Grand fusion, the 2022 global honoree of the gia global innovation awards for ‘’home and housewares product design excellence'', offers innovative homewares, designed to simplify people's daily lives by providing convenient solutions for the home. They are made of durable and eco-friendly materials, making them eco-friendly and responsible choices.

Among these convenient and ingenious accessories, we find the pet hair remover dryer balls which remove pet hair from clothes during the drying cycle while softening them, other dryer balls made of 100% premium natural wool that not only replaces fabric softener, but also eliminates static and lint on clothes, eco-friendly and reusable bamboo sponges for dishes and countertops, leakproof baking mats with easy-to-clean oven to keep baking sheets clean, leakproof non-stick bbq grill mats to keep your bbq grills clean made with premium heat resistant fiberglass and ptfe, a clip-on collar led light for pets so your pet stays always visible at night, and finally, a 3-in-1 beverage insulator that insulates and keeps drinks cold longer, that can be used as a water bottle, a bottle insulator and a can insulator.

Grand fusion houseware products are easy to clean and care, making them the bests everyday houseware tools.